Cooking Mama Online

Cooking Mama Online: A Funny little Title about Cooking

When the Nintendo DS came out in full force, its starting line up of games was awesome. Over time, however, those that wanted a simple and casual title started turning to lesser-known games. One of those titles was Cooking Mama, and over time, it became a hit because of the hilarious animations and innovative gameplay style. This is why it also why so many people found ways to get Cooking Mama online and unto their PCs. Of course you also have to understand why the game was so sought after, and why it remains to be a charming and funny little title that everyone keeps going back to every once in a while.


Cooking Mama’s new Style of Gameplay

Today, Cooking Mama’s game mechanics are nothing new, and more than a few companies have tried to emulate the same ideas through other kinds of touch screen madness. A contemporary title with a similar approach to the mechanics is Escape Plan on the PS Vita. However, during the days of its release, it had some unique ideas presented in a pretty little package. The key to Cooking Mama’s addictive nature was how well it used the stylus included in the DS package. Every tasked assigned to you was just a swipe away from being done, every vegetable chopped, and sauces mixtures made easier with one simple move. The stylus was an all-powerful God Tool in this game, and controlled much of the action. At the same time, it used simple swipes so that no person would be intimidated by the gameplay. By the end of its popularity, the game grew in fan base, spawned hundreds of spoofs, and allowed hardcore gamers and newbies to play on a neutral ground.


Other Cooking Inspired Titles

Cooking games have existed even before Cooking Mama, and while some of them are shoddy and half built, a lot of others are well thought out and just as challenging. Since Cooking Mama isn’t the only game online to feature food, it’s only right that you check around for other titles as well. In fact, you can start a whole gaming library just by using the cooking genre. Surprisingly enough, a lot of them are also of a high caliber, and are worthy of replaying over and over again. Titles like Gourmania, Diner Dash, and Top Chef, while being fairly simple, and oddly easy to control, are all very captivating in their own way. They all share cooking in common, but each vary by style and presentation, much like how Cooking Mama was made.


There are endless amounts of titles, and while you might want to keep playing Cooking Mama Online, it would be a waste not to give a chance to other, much newer and underrated titles. At the same time, you also can’t restrict yourself to one single genre because in the realm of free games, there are many that shine. Whether they are puzzlers, shooters, RPGs, or strategy games, each should be given a chance to shine in their own ways, so give them all a chance to change your mind about free games.