How To Beat The King In Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a cute side-scrolling game, which is available on multiple platforms. The game can be played on all browsers, and downloadable pocket versions are available for iOS and Android platforms. The game has a cool storyline and amazing characters, which will keep you addicted to it.

The story begins where the evil Minions are trying to change the planet into a square shape and Red Ball is determined to stop them. Players need to complete 60 engrossing levels in order to beat this game. The control mechanism of the game is very simple, even kids can play the game with lot of ease and comfort.  Players need to roll, bounce, and sprint in order to overcome different types of obstacles.

red ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a great game, and you can play in order to pass your time, but lots of users are unable to complete the game due to its tough boss battles. In order to complete the game, players need to battle 4 different bosses where each battle is tougher than the previous one. Moreover, the player has 3 hearts in as a life meter whereas each villain has 7 hearts.

If you like Red Ball 4 game and want to know how to beat the bosses then just follow the below-mentioned tips. You can play Red Ball 4 in red ball world.

  • Boss Battle 1: Boss 1 is very easy to beat, only if you can find the pattern in the combat. The Boss 1 rolls from one side to other, so just wait for him to bang his head on the wall. Once he bangs his head on the wall then kick him. Repeat the same cycle 6-7 times till its entire health is exhausted.
  • Boss Battle 2: Boss 2 or the Ninja Boss is more or less similar to the previous boss. However, in this level, besides beating the boss you have to dodge from the saw machines in order to stay alive.

rrd ball boss

  • Boss Battle 3: This is one of the toughest boss battles of this game. Boss 3 has spikes all over him so you cannot attack him unless he is unconscious. You can beat him in the same way but here you have to avoid getting killed by moving traps.
  • Final Battle: Once the player beats other bosses he needs to face the Moon Boss in the final battle. As the name suggests, you cannot beat him on the land. So, wait for it to take an upward leap then jump up to strike him.

red ball win

If you follow these steps properly, you can easily beat all the bosses of Red Ball 4 game.