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Cooking Titles: Where to Play Cooking Games Online

Cooking games have always been pegged as a simpler kind of gaming title. Of course, like any other genre, the whole of cooking simulators have grown. While they found their roots in simple mechanics, they have no doubt evolved into something much better. This is why not all games of this genre can be pegged as casual; a lot of them actually strive to pose more challenging game mechanics that can be for both the new player, and the more experienced hardcore ones. Of course, in order to play cooking games online without being dismissive, you still have to keep an open mind to appreciate ever facet of the following game titles.


Restaurant Empire: A Game about Gourmet Cooking and Making the best Restaurant

One big aim of almost all real restaurants is to become a household name. Like fast food chains, and high-class joints, every restaurant wants to become popular enough so that it has some form of influence on people. In Restaurant Empire, the aim is much the same, and it’s up to you to get to that lofty position of recognition. Much like The Sims, you are tasked with decorating your place, and being the head chef, which means all the responsibilities are on your shoulders. There are tons of upgrades, recipes, and chefs to control and customer satisfaction is what will rank you up. Between all of those elements to handle, the game gets very challenging, but remains accessible to new players.


Cooking Academy: Learning the Basics

Another important aspect of cooking is the basic lessons you learn. Games have not forgotten this, and instead, opted to bring out a title called Cooking Academy. This is a game where you are assumed to be a green cook, and so your journey will take you through 50 different recipes. They range from the basic breakfast favorite, pancakes, to more complicated desserts like crème brulee. Once you master all of them there are also complicated 5 course meals and 39 mini games to distract you once you have learned all 50 recipes.


Top Chef: A Flash Game based off the TV Show

As reality evolved, so too did tastes in shows. If you’ve ever watched an episode of top chef, then you might know just how addictive those kinds of programs are, so it was inevitable that a game would soon be created for it. Much like the show, you will be judged on how well you follow instructions as well as completing increasingly difficult challenges. There is an aspect that makes this game different from other titles on this list though, and that is the extra dimension of multitasking. Like a real chef, you will have to handle many different activities while being able to deliver a unique food experience. The game is very burst worthy, and will keep you entertained when boring hours come along.


These titles are just a fraction of what you can find online, while being slightly more challenging then the rest. Of course, if you find that you want a more casual experience, there are other games you can turn to. Games like Hot Dog Bush are designed to keep you smiling for a few minutes and the same can be said for stuff like Diner Dash and Cooking Mama.